1. The "Wand" Milestone Scientific-(707) 691-3584
  2. Septacaine 4% 1:200,000 epinephrine-Schein Dental Supply Co.
  3. Settings for the Waterlase: "Annapolis Method of Laser Assisted Periodontal Surgery" DPT or Shallow Pocket Treatment: I prefer using the C-6 9mm or RFT 9 or 14mm tips.
    A. Disinfection: Diode laser 0.8-1 watt continuous wave.
    B. Cutting: Waterlase MD or iPlus 1.5 watts 50% water 40% air H mode at 30Hz
    C. Root Preparation: hand scaling, ultrasonics, for removal of debris and smear layer.
  4. Or use the RADIAL FIREING TIP at 40% air and 50% water at 30 Hz and 1.5 watts.
    Sponge Tip-"Microbrush" by Schein Co.
  5. Tac Gel or Tricaine gel-call me for address
  6. Peripack - Dentsply/Schein Co.
  7. Lube Guard Covers (Item #HF-LG) American Dental Accessories, Inc. (800) 331- 7993
  8. Cheek and frenum retractor: Walter Lorenz Surgical Instruments Number 24-0014 with probe end---(800) 874-7711
  9. Immediately pre op: 2 advil (Ibuprofin 400mg) and rinse with Peridex for 30 seconds.
  10. Sedation: Halcion .25 mg (1 tab 1 hour prior to appt.) and/or Nitrous oxide as necessary.
  11. High filtration laser mask: ordered from Patterson Dental Co. "BARRIER soft loop 4225 Laser Plume Face Mask, by Molnlycke Health Care, Inc. 826 Newtown-Yardley Rd. Newtown, PA 18940."
  12. Cola Cote and Coli Tape: Zimmer Dental (800) 854 6691
  13. Anesthetic effect with the Waterlase laser: .75 watts 11 and 10% air and water-30 seconds over area and bring to spot where the injection goes-if you even need and injection-try it.
  14. HemCon: HemCon.com. Zimmer Dental (800) 854 6691.